Logan has been a Jump Science user for a long time. First feedback he ever sent me was "I've been doin that peaking phase you wrote for me and its working great I've got my vert up to about 38 from 30 without making any strength gains." He continued to progress over time and eventually reached the level shown in the picture below. Check his IG: Kenosha Flight Crew.

Darwin has followed Jump Science principles and used the program for years. First time he ever sent me a video he was doing jumps in his kitchen! It's been great to see his progress over the years (see dunks below).

Here's a video of a 6-foot, 1-inch guy who gained 8 inches from the jump science program.

"I started on level H and got my friend who has never done heavy lifting to do the program as well. It's been almost 2 months now and I've seen a legit 6 inch increase in my vertical. My friend is 6'1" and just dunked for the first time. We love these programs man."
"Just tested Two step vert and improved 5 and 5/8 inches in three weeks and a rest week."
"I would just like to say that my overall Athleticism has increased so much since last basketball season due to your program and has now gotten me noticed by universities. It has completely changed my playing style for the better and has gotten me closer to where I wanna be and I thank you for that."
"First of all I would like to thank you for the jump science program. I followed the program and got my all around athleticism up dramatically. I am a division 1 swimmer for University of Southern California and at the 2018 swimming NCAA championships I was part of a National Title winning 200 yard Medley Relay in which my split for the 50 yard breaststroke was the fastest recorded of all time. My gains in power through the program without a doubt helped that happen so for that I am thankful... The past 3 weeks I have been lifting very hard to get back into the rhythm of things again, so I was feeling very broken down by this morning's workout from maxing my squats and deadlifts but I was able to do a 10'10" standing broad jump... I stand 6'4" at 225lbs. At this moment my olympic squat is 180KG for a single, deadlift is 200kg for a single... standing vert was 37 inches..."
"I have been using Jump Science 2.0, and after completing Level 1 and the first phase of Level 2, my vert is up 6 inches."
"Ht: 5'9" w/ shoes. Wt: 70 kg. Standing reach: 90". Improvements: Max running vert: from 30" last year to 40" so far. Average running vert: ~37". Standing vert: 31”. Max squat: 116 kg."
"Since I've been doing your program, my vertical jump has increased by 10 cm....and I've been doing it only for 1 month."

"I went from barely touching the rim, to windmill dunks in about a year. You provide great source of knowledge about athletic abilities."
"After stretching for two weeks and the first three weeks of lifting my improvement has been from 30" to 33-34"... Keep in mind I'm almost 40 yrs old... My jumper's knee is diminished daily now and only flares on hard workouts... Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I needed that, my body was breaking down at 39. Now it looks like I can be stronger than at 25. I'm touching 11'4" with an 8'6" reach. Patellar tendonitis is on the run from stretching every day for 45 days and squat style changes."
"I wanted to drop in and congratulate you again on what masterful and impeccably helpful material you've created with Jump Science. I must admit that through your training regimen I was able to make more progress than I could appreciate at first... in December I filmed a new video showcasing my newly acquired athleticism... it was the first time I've ever been able to put all of my most difficult tricks together within the same session at all, let alone with such ease; each clip (including the last few which are by far the most difficult) was done in a single take. Again, I am ecstatic at the gains I have made thanks to you!"

"On a really good day I can dunk two hands with ease, throw down hard tomahawks, throw down alleyoops from whoever, toss it off the backboard to myself and dunk two hands, bounce it off the floor go up and dunk it down 2 hands, cock it behind my head a little bit and dunk it both hands so I've really improved with the variety of dunks I can do now compared to what I was doing in the past... I wouldn't be even close to where I'm at now in terms of jumping ability if it wasn't for you and your programs... I'm excited though. After this week and the rest week I go into the last phase of level 4. I'm hoping to reach the top of that square!!"
"I just wanted to thank you for such an in-depth and effective training program, not to mention cheap. My strength, explosiveness and flexibility have all improved, and I gained probably around 3-4 inches on my vertical after the first 3 weeks. I was always flexible and realized the importance of stretching but your stretches really hit the spot, especially the rectus femoris stretch. I was grabbing rim during the basketball season, but now I'm dunking and can't wait to see how I turn out once I'm done with the 12 weeks, and the expression on my teammate's faces when I am throwing down next season. Will definitely recommend your program to my friends and colleagues."
"This week is my rest week and I'm about to start the peaking/final phase next week. I don't know why but people are starting to notice my new found athleticism on the court especially after I jumped over guys 6 inches taller than me for a rebound(5'8). Also finally deadlift more than my squat. Deadlift Max went from 205 to 275 and Squat went from 225 to 255. Before the program, I had very weak hips and butt and was quad dominant. Now I'm balanced. With this program I was training way smarter with the way I lift (going perfect form light then building up throughout the sets). The past program I did improved my vert but I didn't feel like it gave me much athleticism. With this program, my speed, quickness, strength, and explosion really took off. I'm testing my vert this Friday to see how much I gained and if it's good I'll send you the video. I took a gamble with your program. I remembered when I first encountered your website and read most of the info and watched your videos. I knew there was something different about you compared to other vert experts. Well it paid off! I'm about 3-5 weeks away from the 3 week rest so I'm sure it will be even crazier then. Hard, smart work paid off!"
"Through playing volleyball and doing jump science, I now have my jump up to 30 inches and have been doing level 4 training... Thank you for all the help! I’ve made solid progress! Up 4-5 inches since starting in late April!!"

"Your program is just the best and only one that's working for me. I tried for years to increase my height, but nothing was working. I was always 5 inches under the rim, now after 2 month of JS training I finally touched it. Thank you man!"
"I'm loving this program. I'm 31 years old and haven't dunked since my motorcycle accident in 2009. In 4 weeks, I was already back to being able to drop step and dunk with 2 hands."
"The 12$ I spent on the original program were among the best I ever spent because it not only made me jump higher but also a much better overall athlete. On the level I play on I hardly ever find someone that can match my athleticism."
"yo jumptrainer I've been listening and doing all you exercises and its been working for me i went from a 14 inch vert to a 30+"
"Ok so I waited till Monday to test my vert on the designated practice jumps day. I did my dynamic warmup and I went to the gym after. I just started jumping off one leg and just glided to the rim effortlessly. So I did it again. Same result. I stood underneath the rim no steps jumped straight up and hammered down the hardest one hander off vert that i was ever able to do (my wrist was at least 4-5 in above the rim) I feel so much power in my lower body now it's ridiculous. My legs are starting to feel like pogo sticks. Now that I'm able to explode up like that it gives me way way way more opportunity to actually dunk in a game. There wasn't many ppl there yesterday but I got 2v2 going with these older guys. I spun straight around this dude baseline drove at the rack jumped up off one foot and just completely mashed it through the rim. I kinda felt like lebron on that play not gonna lie!! Both the dudes on the other team stopped playing for a couple sec and just looked straight at me like who the hell is this kid?!!!"
"I have also been using your program for about 8 weeks now and am very happy with the results! I’ve gone from rim grazing off one foot to dunking off a two foot jump; I cant say I haven't enjoyed being on the other end of alleys."
"Following an MCL injury I've been more or less following your program for 8 months now and have experienced great results. My vert had dropped as low as 29 inches coming off my injury but after carefully working through Level 1 and moving back and forth between Level 1 and Level 2 I can swing on the rim again (like I could 17 years ago), with my max full approach vert at 37 inches. I still hope to hit 40" by 40 years old (3 years). My flexibility had always been extremely poor so I addressed that early on as you recommend and never would have imagined being as flexible as I am now! Without your program I never would have been so dedicated to this task."
"I have been using Daniel's stuff for a while now and it's awesome. I can only recommend it. Compared to many other coaches, Daniel actually cares and helps you as good as he can. Whenever I had a question, I emailed him and his replies were fast and detailed. I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want, but the coaching materials work and I have seen lots of improvement in my vert, speed as well as overall athleticism. Thank you Coach Dan and keep it up!"
"When I first had the desire to jump higher in 2009/10 the only website that had free and 100% trustworthy information was yours - you didn't charge ANY money for ANYTHING. You just wanted to help people out and share your knowledge with the interested athlete. Totally contrary to all the other webpages that seemed to only care about making money from their products. So I started to read your articles and watch your videos. I began with a LOT of stretching first, since I was the most inflexible person out there, and started seeing gains from just doing that. I dunked for the first time at the age of 17. After an ugly foot injury in 2012 (at the peak of my athleticism back then) I focused my training on gaining muscle mass (73 kg in 2012 -> 88 kg (clean) 2014). Still I never neglected the vertical jump and can now humbly say that today (at 20 years old | 6'1) I am stronger, faster, more athletic and jumping higher than ever before. Thanks to the free information from your website I'm able to perform a two-handed dunk off a drop-step from a standstill and hang on the rim afterwards with ease. Also I trained a few people in my area and everyone in my gym wants to train legs with me now. You are the #1 reason for this! Thanks a lot!"
"Yo what's up, got my first dunk last week! Unreal feeling. I just want to say thank you. There's still a long journey ahead but there's no shot I could've done this without you. You're a phenomenal trainer and mentor and I appreciate you."
"Hey coach Back, I have been following you as well as regularly reading your articles and theories on jump.science over the past 6 months to a year. I haven't been able to complete your program yet but I incorporate your training into my regular basketball regimen. Specifically, I made strength gains in the past couple of months and just recently took so time off. Yesterday I went to the gym and I dunked 5 times, and I have not ever dunked in the past. I am 5'11 and weight about 180-185 lbs. Anyways, Just wanted to say thanks for the knowledge!"

"I've been following You Daniel since your first movie on YT. I've gained a lot, broke a lot of rims with windmills thanks to you, but still working hard for my first BTL."
"Just wanted to say thanks for the program. I've been on it a little over a month now and am seeing good results. I wasn't expecting anything huge due to the fact I had already currently worked out pretty hard but the results are definitely noticeable. I went from dunking occasionally to dunking pretty easily off of 2 or 1 feet. I'm very impressed with the program and my increased flexibility has aided in my soreness, or lack there of lately and I'm loving that. Thanks for a great program man!"
"I increased my vertical jump to 90cm so now I can hit the rim with my head!"
"You give some of the best information about increasing vertical jump in your videos man, congrats and thank you! I used lots of what you share in your channel to gain those 11 inches."
"Just wanted to thank you for the site, after two broken ankles in 2 years followed by a broken hand i gave up getting back my jumping ability. in under one and a half months i gained over six inches on my vert and 25 kg on my squat. i can touch a spot at 10 feet 4 inches where as before on a good day i could get close to the rim."
"In the past I had used your jump training program. I learned a ton about squatting form. While on the program I gained some significant boost to my vertical... simply by keeping my torso upright and knees wide like you recommended, I can now squat 325 at a bodyweight of 175. I can also pretty easily dunk a basketball. I'm 16 btw. Thanks a lot!"
"I purchased your program last year and my training has been on and off, but i've seem some great result following your program! I couldn't even touch the rim before, but now i can dunk it with a tennis ball lol. I'm currently 5'8 , 157lbs, squatting and deadlifting more than 1.5 times my bodyweight."
"I signed up to Jump Science at the beginning of the year and tried the program for a month and saw instant results (dunking became much easier). I had to take a break for a while due to work but continued playing competitive basketball and did 1-2 of the level 1 workouts a week, seeing noticeable gains in athletic performance. The combination of your upper body program (simple yet incredibly effective), combined with the Jump Science program, has pushed my athleticism and most notably raw strength on the court to new levels and I’m finding I can absorb bumps and pushes and still finish at the rim with much less trouble than before."
"Just want to shout out a quick thank you for all your work. I was struggling a lot with jumper's knee as a sophomore in high school which led me to your web site. I ended up buying your workout materials. Ever since I encountered your site, I have learned so much and have been blessed to see gains because of your program. On top of that, I have seen jumper's knee virtually disappear. I will be a freshman in college this fall and I plan to sprint on a D2 track team. I have to give credit to your work and knowledge of athletic training as major contributors to the things I have accomplished athletically. Most of all I give credit to God who fashioned and sustains our bodies to his service. So thanks again for all your work and for giving glory to God. Keep it up!"
"I really appreciate everything jump science has done for me. I started not even being able to touch rim, now I can hang two handed at 5'7”."
"I started training with Daniel in July. After seeing significant gains within the first 4 weeks, I decided to commit to training with him for the upcoming year. It has been just over a year now since I have switched. I saw more success this past year than I have in my whole life. My strength, power, explosiveness, and speed have increased drastically. Let me tell you about my track season. I set personal bests in everything I did! During indoor season I competed in the heptathlon. Outdoor season I ran the 400m hurdles. My 60m dash dropped from 7.70 to 7.20 seconds; 60m hurdles 9.23 to 8.60; long-jump increased by 2ft; high-jump went from 5ft to 6ft; pole vault went from 12ft to 13ft; and shot put I went from about 28ft to 37ft. On my very first heptathlon ever, I nearly qualified for nationals. Now outdoor season. I hit a 400 hurdles PR in my first meet and then got better as the season went. By the end I took over 3 whole seconds off my time and qualified for the national meet. I ended my season top 20 in the nation, whereas the year before I was not even top 100! This past year speaks for itself, this training works. Thanks for everything, Coach!"