Welcome to Jump Science!

Hello, my name is Daniel Back. I am the guy in the video above and the founder of Jump Science. The goal of this site is to provide high quality sports training information for all athletes. It was originally centered around vertical jump training but has expanded into a useful resource for athletes in all sports. Keep reading below to learn about the Jump Science training programs, check out the articles tab for free content on athletic development and lessons in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, or learn more about me here.

How Do I Jump Higher?

Building athleticism is a matter of doing the right things the right way consistently over time. Unfortunately we have an epidemic of athletes who are more than willing to do tons of work but end up spinning their wheels due to lack of an intelligent plan. Jump Science offers a solution to this problem.

The Jump Science programs are designed to show the path to developing into a great athlete over time. The aim of the training is not just getting a hard workout or jumping a little higher in a few weeks. The goal is to provide a big picture plan that fosters long term progress.

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